December 3

Leonard is 6 and lives in Milwaukee. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor 13 months ago following a month of persistent headaches and random vomiting.

Following a visit to the Emergency Department at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, he was admitted after a CT scan and being diagnosed with Medulloblastoma by Physicians from the Medical College of Wisconsin. The tumor was removed in a 5-hour neurosurgery which went well and a regimen of radiation and chemotherapy followed. Leonard’s mom commented that the care provided at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has been “remarkable” and that they have been “very well supported.” Leonard has 2 sisters and 2 brothers and is home schooled. He likes math and engineering projects as shown by his love of Legos. He also likes science and loves anything to do with turtles. His favorite team is the Packers and Aaron Rodgers is his favorite player.


Learn more about Leonard from his mother, Jessica:

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