December 4


Jolie is 9 and is in third grade at Blessed Sacrament School in Milwaukee. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma at 4. It is treated like Leukemia.

Her mom noticed a bump near her eyebrow which was removed by surgery and came back quickly. She had two surgeries before a biopsy led to the diagnosis. Jolie was treated like it was Leukemia with Chemotherapy for 113weeks under the care of Medical College of Wisconsin Physicians. She has been off treatment for three years and is doing well. Jolie has a younger brother and sister. She likes science and reading and the piano. The Packers are her favorite team and Aaron is her favorite player. Her mom said “We were treated very, very well in the MACC Fund Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. If we were in another country it would not have been so good. “


Learn more about Jolie from her mother, Olivia:

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