December 1

Daijah is 6 and is in kindergarten. She was diagnosed with Sickle Cell disease one month after birth. Sickle Cell disease is a serious disorder in which the body makes sickle-shaped red blood cells.

These cells are stiff and sticky and they tend to block blood flow in the blood vessels of the limbs and organs. This often can cause pain, organ damage while also raising the risk for infection. She is under the care of physicians from the Medical College of Wisconsin in the MACC Fund Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Her Mom who follows the doctor’s orders to a “T” says Daijah is “blessed” by not having had any major issues or pain crises. The precocious little “ballerina” with five older siblings enjoys reading, math and coloring and creating things with Play-Doh and Legos. She is a wiz with puzzles too. Her mom is very grateful to have a great place like the MACC Fund Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin so close by.


Learn more about Daijah from her mother, Alisa:

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